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Access various ADEM managed electronic systems including AEERS, eDMR and eSSO, eDWRS, eNOI, ePay, and ePermit.

Permit Wizard

Submit various permits online pertaining to ADEM’s air, waste and remediation, water, and coastal programs.


Access electronic copies of documents at no charge.


Create, submit, and view complaints concerning environmental issues.

UST Delivery Prohibition List

Access the current list of facilities on the UST Delivery Prohibition list.

eMaps Portal

Access Electronic Maps and Geographical Information Systems including GIS Inspector, Lat Lon Query tool, water info, UST regulatory sites, UST incident sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a list of the most common inquiries about the programs, initiatives, and regulations of ADEM.

What agency has authority over the quantity of water in Alabama streams and rivers?
What can be done about the noise created from an industrial or mining operation in my community?

At present there are no laws or regulations administered by ADEM that deal with noise. Contact your county or municipal government to determine if there are local ordinances on noise. Additionally, the Federal Highway Administration has developed traffic noise level criteria for various land use activities which can be found here.

What agency has authority regarding the choice of location of activities which could require a permit from ADEM?

ADEM has no legal authority over site selection. A function of local government is the determination of how land is used. Contact your local county or municipal government for assistance for siting or zoning issues.

The siting of a facility and the issuance of an ADEM Permit will result in increased traffic. The roads and bridges are not designed for large heavy trucks. Can these issues be addressed by ADEM?
If the issuance of an ADEM Permit for a facility to operate will cause an increase of flies, rats, or other vermin., will these concerns be addressed by ADEM?
I am concerned about water withdrawal from mining operations affecting surface and groundwater levels causing sinkholes, and depleting sources of water for livestock.
I am concerned that blasting at a nearby coal mine will affect my home and will be done at inconvenient hours. Who can I call to ask questions about blasting?

The Alabama Surface Mining Commission and the State Fire Marshall have primacy and statutory authority to address questions regarding potential safety considerations regarding blasting. These authorities address safe handling and transportation of explosives, as well as the timing of blasting operations.


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