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Questions about using Atlas Alabama? Please refer to the answers below for exploring all of the features of the website.

What is Atlas Alabama?

Atlas Alabama was designed to help business owners identify typical permits, licenses, certifications, etc. for given activities undertaken by businesses. This site offers a starting point for entrepreneurs and small business owners to locate the requirements, tips, news, and contact information that can help when opening or expanding a business.

I’m considering starting a business, what resources do you have that will help me?

We can point you in the right direction for starting your business. You can find many resources on the mandatory business requirements page, as well as any industry specific requirements that might be necessary. Also, you can narrow down any local, city, or county resources from our county and municipality directories. These are all great places to start for information.

Why are local resources important?

Atlas Alabama is intended to be a starting point for entrepreneurs and small business owners when researching opening or expanding a business. In providing a customized list of Local Resources for counties and municipalities, Atlas hopes to connect entrepreneurs and small business owners with Small Business Development Centers, Taxpayer Service Centers, Business License Offices, and Chambers of Commerce in their area.

Where can I find out more about the specific permits or licenses I will need for my business?

Atlas Alabama is proud to offer a comprehensive guide to determine permits or licenses for your business. You can find out more information on our industry specific requirements page. Also, the location of your business may require additional permits or licenses. The county and/or municipality that your business is located in will have a landing page or fact sheet where you can learn more about the agency you will need to contact.

What are some of the capabilities of the updated Atlas Alabama website?

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