Obtain a Burn Permit

Alabama law requires anyone burning debris and woods to first obtain a burn permit.

Contract Services

Commission employees will push firelanes and prescribe burn for set fees.

Alabama’s TREASURED Forests Magazine

Forest Management plans and advice are offered at no cost to landowners.

Forest Management Assistance

Forest Management plans and advice are offered at no cost to landowners.

Alabama’s Best Management Practices for Forestry

Loggers and landowners are required to follow BMPs while harvesting or replanting.

Primary Forest Industries by County

Contact Information for Primary Forest Industries that buy and/or cut standing timber.

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a list of the most common inquiries about the programs, initiatives, and regulations of the Alabama Forestry Commission. How many acres should I plant for a manageable stand?

Due to current logging costs, 30-35 acres is a good minimum sized stand for management purposes. Any smaller acreage will likely result in reduced timber prices at harvest time.

Is a burn permit required?

State law requires that you secure a burn permit BEFORE you burn any woodlands, grasslands fields or new ground that is over 1/4 acre in size or lies within 25 feet of flammable fuels, such as woods or grass. The permit can be secured at no cost.

Is the burn permit law enforced?

This law is enforced in cooperation with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, city, county and state governments, and local city and volunteer fire departments. Violations can result in fines up to $1,000 and/or up to six months in jail. It’s the law and is to protect your property from your neighbor’s carelessness.

What are other requirements to receive a burn permit?

To receive the permit, you must have the tools, manpower and equipment to control your fire and prevent an escape from your property. You must also stay with your fire until it is completely out.

What could cause my pine trees to start fading to red needles?

Fading and red needles are indicators of diminishing tree health; a group of trees in this condition is generally an indicator of pine beetle activity. The area needs to be inspected by a Forester to determine which beetle(s) are causing the problem.

What is killing my trees?
How can I get Forest Inventory data for my area of operation?

Information on volumes by species and product class can be obtained here.

Where can I obtain information on forestry and wildlife cost share programs?

Information on the programs currently available to assist with costs of improving wildlife habitat and planting trees are available here.

Where can I find a list on service providers to assist me with work on my property?

Search here for a list of service providers by County and type service offered.

Where can I get advice on selling my timber?

Click here for information on selling your timber.


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