Welcome to Highland Lake

Town of Highland Lake welcomes you and invites you to visit. Highland Lake is nestled in the mountains and situated around a 257-acre lake with 15 miles of shoreline.  This picturesque town is a vibrant community with both full-time residents and property owners whose vacation homes are a welcome break during the summer months and weekends from their busy lives in the city.  Property owners hail from Alabama and at least 12 other states.  Both homefolk and visitors share a love of the natural beauty of the mountain lake community which features wildlife, fishing, boating, and many varieties of flora and fauna.  

City Data

  • Population in 2014: 423
  • Population growth since 2000: 3.7%
  • Median resident age in 2014: 55.6
  • Median household income 2015: $52,592
  • Est. median home value in 2015: $221,505

Core Services

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