Locality Landing Page Questionnaire

The Atlas Alabama website is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the state interested in starting or expanding a small business. This website contains many helpful links on where to locate those available resources. Also, Atlas Alabama aims to offer business-related information for individual counties and municipalities in the form of landing pages. These landing pages will highlight information about your locality that is of particular importance to potential or existing small business owners. The page will link directly to your existing website or other locations of your choice (in the event your locality does not have a website). Atlas Alabama is providing this service at no cost to the localities; however, we need your help to develop the content. This questionnaire has been created to collect information about your locality in order to build your landing page. You will need to take the appropriate survey depending on whether or not your locality has an existing website. If your locality DOES have a website, please click YES above. Click NO if your locality DOES NOT have a website. Information collected will become the content of a locality landing page, such as the example on the right. Please email info@atlasalabama.gov if you have questions about developing a locality landing page. Download printable survey for localities with a website. Download printable survey for localities without a website.

Landing Page Examples

Atlas_ExampleCounty Atlas_ExampleCity

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